IKI at the opening of TALISMAN, at CLAY Museum

On the 24th of February 2017 we got the pleasure of playing at CLAY Museum, at the opening of TALISMAN by Versus. To get the opportunity to stand among their beautiful pieces of art was a pretty inspiring moment. If you’re in the Middelfart area, take a trip to see the exhibition, you won’t regret it!

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IKI live, with visuals by idaogida

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Music from the Cistern

We played a secret concert somewhere underground in Hillerød a few days ago. Here’s a little video from after the show.

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Hurray! Our new music piece “Dew” is out!
We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us. You can get the music here:
// IKI feat. Sander De Winne

Recorded in MotorMusic, Mechelen, Belgium
Mixed by Brecht Plasschaert
Mastered by Michiel Eilbracht
Coverart by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen

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LAVA is out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Our album LAVA is finally out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! It’s released on our new German label, Nordic Notes, who we’re very happy to be a part of!

You can buy the physical album on Nordic Notes’ webshop or on all digital platforms.

iTunes // Spotify // Wimp

We’ve also had some great reviews come out of the release already, so if you can read german (or enjoy google translate as much as we do), you can read them at the following links:

Musikreviews.de (12/15) // Jazz Fun

Wir hoffen, dass es Ihnen gefällt!


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First video of our new album, LAVA. Enjoy!

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IKI goes Out in the North

LAVA is one month and a week old today, and what better way to celebrate than to share a video we made the day after the release?

On the 11th of November we went with the guys from Out in the North, to beautiful Lake Bagsværd in the outskirts of Copenhagen, where we improvised this song. We hope you enjoy!

Fun fact: Every sweater in this video is owned by our reigning second hand-shopping champion, Anna. Another fun fact: Guro’s glasses are missing one arm. Anything can indeed happen.

And stay tuned. We have two more videos lined up for release in the new year. Feel free to start guessing which Lava songs will be involved!



You can buy LAVA here: http://dmeshop.dk/produkt/?pid=1122

iTunes: http://goo.gl/au7A4I
Spotify: http://goo.gl/4UOJN7
Wimp: http://goo.gl/S7eou9

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Goodness gracious, so much have happened since the last time we wrote in here! The last week, in particular, has been a completely crazy one.

Not only did we go to Italy for the first time, playing a little mini-tour in the Milano-area! And not only did we finish up Danish Vibes with a huge showcase at the Mojo Club in Hamburg, in front of a great crowd of people! And not only did we record two new music videos in one week! Because most importantly of all: LAVA is finally out!!


Lava cover


We are thrilled and so happy that it’s finally released, and the whole thing was celebrated with an unforgettable concert at the beautiful Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, together with Hilmar Jensson (who also plays on the record), and with visuals by Suzy Attah Mikkelsen.

Lava has been a long time coming, but it’s been a labour of love.

You can buy it here: http://dmeshop.dk/produkt/?pid=1122
iTunes: http://goo.gl/au7A4I
Spotify: http://goo.gl/4UOJN7
Wimp: http://goo.gl/S7eou9


Until next time,



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IKI goes to BeNeLux

We’re one concert and one day away from finishing up our little BeNeLux trip, and we’re sure, without a doubt, that BeNeLux is a great place for an IKIer to be. So many inspiring cities, so many nice people, such an amazing atmosphere to be a part of!

And of course, it’s been a pleasure traveling around with our new favorite group of guys, The KutiMangoes (you should check them out, they’re great).

We started out in Utrecht, playing at Cloud Nine in TivoliVredenburg, where we also got an iron and ironing board backstage. It doesn’t take much to win our hearts.

We continued on to Brussels the next day, playing at Belgium’s old radio house, Flagey, in Studio 1. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes we’ve played on, with an audience who were truly present all the way through.

Yesterday we spent the day in Rotterdam, having the day off after doing a workshop at our own Johanna’s old conservatory, Codarts. It’s always fun to share vocal improvisation with other singers. You always find a new point of view that you haven’t thought of before. We also managed to catch a show with our co-Danish Delight-ers, The Cabin Project and Kira Skov.

Right now we’re backstage at the venue De Oosterpoort in Groningen waiting for sound checking. We’re looking forward to the last show of the tour, especially because we’re having a special guest singing with us.

Until next time
Love from IKI

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