Flammenwerfer @ Hotel Pro Forma

Premiering on 08/03 IKI will be joining Blixa Bargeld on stage for Hotel Pro Forma’s new show “Flammenwerfer”.


Terror/Is/Me @ Odense Teater

In the fall of 2021 IKI was invited by director Sargun Oshana to compose and perform the music of the play Terror/Is/Me at Odense Teater, resulting in glowing reviews.

Nicolaj Stochholm

Nicolaj Stochholm & IKI is a meeting between poetry and improvisation, the feminine and the masculine, the angelic and the chaotic. The poet and IKI first played together at the CPH Jazz Festival 2014, and he has since then collaborated with us at our two IKI: Masses projects.

Mike Sheridan
Arvtryk w/Åkervinda
Trækfugle w/Sander de Winne
Jørgen Leth
Hilmar Jensson
You’re Not Wrong
Film music in the Making
Koichi Makigami

In 2011 IKI collaborated with the Japanese vocal artist Koichi Makigami on a live studio concert in The Village Recording studio.