IKI: Masses

IKI:Masses started as our ten year anniversary event, back in 2019. It was an evening where IKI met different senses and artists, and where the audience was guided from room to room in Villa Kultur, meeting new IKIs and collaborators in every room.

In 2021 we took it quite a few steps further and invited the audience into the halls of Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, a beautiful space, filled with marble statues and an incredible sound. We invited Nicolaj Stochholm to create poetry that was read out loud by him, and we invited Maria Faust and Marilyn Mazur to join us on one night each. It was three incredible evenings, excerpts of which will be released as an EP in 2024.

Both Masses events have been made in cooperation with producer Alisa Hentze Pilgaard, of Poetic Art Space.

The three evenings were also filmed, but where that leads is still a secret… 🙂

This is your personal rite of passage. Transformation from past, to present, to future. This is the first day of the three day ritual. Use it to leave something behind, use the second day to experience the state of transition and finally on the third day … the becoming, the reincorporation.

‘The sounds whisper ancient voices, words emerge in the dark noises. Your individual self dances, until you too merge into the masses.’
IKI: MASSES – 2019