In 2021 IKI composed the music for and performed in the play “Terror/Is/Me” at Odense Theater in 2021. The album is the music of the play, recorded live during the performance, and released in 2022.

© 2022 IKIKI Music

Oracle was created together with producer Mike Sheridan and released in 2018. It signaled the beginning of a new era of IKI, away from the fully acoustic, and towards working with the electronic. It was nominated for two Danish Music Awards, “Best Experimental Release of the Year” and “Best Vocal Release of the Year”.

© 2018 DME

Lava was recorded at Iceland, in collaboration with the Icelandic guitar player Hilmar Jensson. The music was inspired by the wild and mythical landscape we were surrounded by. The album was released in 2014.

© 2014 DME

IKI’s debut album was recorded in 2010 and released in 2011 on ILK Music. It is the only recording featuring all nine original singers in the band, and is full of playfulness, storytelling and experimenting. It won Best Vocal Jazz Release at Danish Music Awards in 2011.

© 2011 ILK Music


Remixes from the tracks of “Oracle” by Matthew Herbert, Noosfære, Rumpistol and Slow Ammo. Released in 2020.

© 2020 DME

Live recordings from our Oracle Release Tour in 2018. The first track “Dear Oracle” is specially made for the EP and based on recordings of audience members asking the Oracle questions in the “Oracle Box” we brought with us on tour.

© 2019 DME

The piece “Dew” was made with our friend and incredible singer Sander De Winne during the recording of his album “Kosmos”, on which we were featured.

© 2016 DME